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Discover Why Yoga Has Healing Powers For Anxiety

When someone suffers a great loss, anxiety can develop. Anxiety treatment in these cases can include, grief counseling, medication, exercise, yoga, and meditation. In any case of extreme emotion, especially anxiety and depression, the first stop should be a mental health professional, such as Dr. William Conti.

Grief counseling has long been a known source of helping people through loss. It usually focuses on short term help in processing through the source of grief. During the course of counseling anxiety is often lowered in part due to this form of treatment. The ultimate goal of grief counseling is to accept whatever loss is causing grief and move forward in life. This can also be thought of as accepting the new normal.

For extreme anxiety treatment medication is usually involved. When a person’s anxiety attacks become so severe a negative feedback loop is formed medication can break the cycle, allowing more holistic and long-term methods of control to take over. According to WebMD one effective long term care method is Yoga.

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Because of this the most effective anxiety treatments always include a level of stress management. Yoga is a mind-body practice consisting of specific poses, controlled breathing, and meditation all leading to a state of relaxation. A number of studies have been done over the years linking yoga and a reduction in stress, which also reduces anxiety. Additionally, according to the Mayo Clinic yoga can help manage chronic conditions, including anxiety.

Short term drug use may suppress the bodies reaction to anxiety, but long term practices in body control are needed to truly treat anxiety. Yoga is a way to train the mind to control breathing, heart rate, and other biophysical responses. This control over biophysical responses addresses the physiological response portion of an anxiety attack. An article on Psych Central goes into more detail on how biofeedback helps manage anxiety.

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