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Depression Treatment

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Are you suffering from a lack of motivation, a sense of helpless or hopelessness, or a worry about where your life is headed? Do you find it difficult to share your thoughts and feelings with friends and family members and, instead, find yourself withdrawing from relationships and activities you once enjoyed? Perhaps you are questioning the meaning of life and your personal path and its meaning. Or maybe you are lonely, even if you’re in an intimate relationship or have a strong social network. Are you beginning to wonder why you keep making self-destructive choices or engaging in unhealthy relationships? Do you wish you could find the confidence, strength, and optimism to create something new in your life?

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Depression TreatmentDepression symptoms, such as lethargy, hopelessness and social withdrawal can often be an indicating call from our psyche that it’s time to transition to a new phase of life and development. Difficult feelings, behaviors that no longer serve you, ongoing challenges at work and/or in relationships, and overall dissatisfaction with life are often signs that it’s time to take a look at the past and current thoughts, feelings, patterns and issues in your life. Sleep and eating issues, addictive and distractive behaviors, and somatic symptoms can also be signs that its time to shift into a new way of thinking, feeling and being in the world. Oftentimes, we need to become incredibly uncomfortable with our lives in order to seek help and make significant changes. The good news, however, is that whether it’s past trauma, unhealthy relationships or persistent stress that is fueling your depression, with the right therapist, depression treatment approach and a willingness to try something different you can feel more empowered, motivated and at peace.

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Depression Treatment in Honolulu

Everyone Experiences Ups and Downs

Everyone has problems, and most people experience periods when they feel down and depleted. There are things that happen over time or suddenly in life that interfere with our ability to feel good and function well. However, if sadness, discomfort or anxiety is engulfing you and keeping you from enjoying the things you used to or interfering with your ability to complete daily tasks, you may be experiencing depression. Experiencing extended periods of difficult emotions may be a call from your psyche that it’s time to shift. Depression can be an indication that it is time for you to open up, explore broader issues and learn more about yourself.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Create More Focus, Awareness, and Peace In Your Life

I can serve as a guide to help you navigate this challenging, yet potentially fruitful period. In a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental and encouraging space, you can begin to explore the areas of your life that need attention and develop greater awareness and focus. Using a flexible, eclectic approach that draws from various traditional Western approaches, Buddhist philosophy, and Jungian-based Depth Psychotherapy, we can begin to identify and address the underlying causes of your depression and the parts of your life that are causing you unhappiness.

In our sessions, I will create a container where you can talk through issues and painful emotions in a way that is not frightening or overwhelming. We can slow things down and address distractive behaviors, negative self-talk, and recurring pain piece-by-piece. We can create an “area of play,” where you can begin to shift out of negativity and into thinking and talking about what you want your life to look and feel like. You can also learn healthier ways to cope with stress and difficult feelings, as well as self-soothing techniques.

In a trusting and open environment, it is possible to alleviate depression symptoms and work through the causes of your unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. When you really get into your own issues, you open up enormous opportunity for self-awareness and self-growth. You can expand your consciousness and develop a bigger, broader and more empowered perception of yourself, your path and your possibilities. Depression treatment can not only help you to feel better, but through counseling, you can also develop more control over your emotions, reaction and relationships. With time, the right depression treatment approach and a willingness for self-exploration, you can become an active participant in your life and begin dynamically moving within the world, rather than feeling like the world is moving around you.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I think that depression treatment could be helpful, but I’m concerned about time and costs.

I encourage you to think about therapy as an opportunity to get to know yourself better and make personal breakthroughs and changes that can significantly alter the way you view the world and yourself within it. Your depression symptoms may be your psyche telling you that now is the time for real change. Investing in yourself now may prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

I invite you to call me to discuss your specific concerns about cost and time. I accept many insurances and occasionally work on a sliding scale for people who are struggling financially and out-of-network.

I’m not sure that I could talk to anyone – even a therapist – about how I’m feeling. I just don’t think that anyone could possibly understand or help me.

Experiencing a sense of hopelessness or helplessness is very common for people struggling with depression. And, because you feel so overwhelmed right now, it’s very understandable that you cannot imagine others feeling this way too or that change is possible for you. However, despite how you’re feeling right now, experience and numerous studies show us that sharing difficult feelings with another in a safe, nonjudgmental and nurturing environment diminishes the power of painful, frightening or overwhelming feelings. This is why therapy works and why so many people turn to it for relief and growth.

I’m afraid that if I allow myself to talk openly about painful feelings and “let go,” I’ll become crazy.

If you have never have the experience of really opening up to another human being about your feelings, hopes, dreams, fears and shame, the idea of “letting go” can feel extremely frightening. Many of us did not grow up in families where feelings were discussed and may be afraid that talking openly will make us look weak or crazy. However, being imprisoned by a fear of what might happen is not informed by the actual experience of what can and does happen when we open up to another and acknowledge our need for help.  A classic statement is, “If I let it out and start crying, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop and I’ll just go crazy.” In over 20 years of providing therapy, I’ve never seen a person who didn’t stop crying and feel better when sufficient emotion was released. All feelings – even overwhelming, frightening and painful ones – do have a beginning, middle and end.

Honolulu Depression Treatment

Making the decision to explore these feelings with another in a safe, supportive and confidential space truly can provide so much relief.

I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific situation and any questions you may have about depression treatment and my practice.