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How You Can Help Support The Mental Health of Your LGBTQ Loved Ones

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As Simon and Garfunkel once sang, “The times they are a changin’.” With change, as in the ever-emerging LGBTQ community, new thoughts and ways of doing things–for our own benefit and for the benefit of others, becomes crucial, and even exciting, no matter what our own personal thoughts and beliefs might be. As Dorothy Johnson, a mother of two gay children, once said, “If there’s not enough room for that person, then there’s not enough room for me.” In other words, each of us spend the same 24-hours together on this Earth, whoever we might be, wherever we may have come from, no matter what we each do, think or say, and each of us have our own personal space that belongs to us.

Mental Health of Your LGBTQ Loved Ones

At East West Therapy Hawaii, we believe personal space a wonderful thing that should be respected, first, for ourself and then for all of those around us.

LGBTQ Mental Health Facts

  • In 2015, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that one in three LGBQ adults experienced mental illness in 2015, compared with only one in five heterosexual adults (Medley 2016).
  • Transgender youth are far more likely than their non-transgender peers to experience depression — nearly four times the risk, according to one study (Reisner 2015). Similarly, LGBQ teens experience significantly more depression symptoms than their heterosexual peers (Marshal 2011).
  • For transgender children and youth, family and community support makes all the difference. Although research has repeatedly found that transgender children experience mental health problems, including suicidality, at high rates, a recent study found that transgender children whose families affirmed their gender identity were as psychologically healthy as their nontransgender peers (Olson 2016).LGBTQ Mental Health FactsEmotionally and Mentally Supporting the LGBTQ CommunityWhat can a person do to make sure our actions and words help, not hinder, the freedom we all desire to enjoy, including the LGBTQ community, so the good feelings that come with providing healthy forward movement works for all of us.

    Consider Your Commitment to Internal and External Peace

    It has been said that, when we point a finger at someone else, we actually are pointing three fingers back at us. Our inner peace at its best when we are comfortable with who we are, and then with who others are. For our own well-being, focusing on magnifying our own journey rather than spending time complicating someone else’s journey can go a long way. For a LGBTQ loved one, receiving your kindness helps provide healing and comfort for some of the struggles they may be going through, just as this same kindness helps us with our struggles. We know because we have had the good fortune of listening to so many of our LGBTQ friends as they have explored their life journey.

    Consider Your Commitment to Respect

  • Respect is virtually mutual; whatever respect we show in others is same respect they show in us.
  • Consider what philosopher Henri Frederic Amiel once said, “There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.”
  • Add the thought of novelist Lawrence Sterne’s thoughts to this. “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.
  • And novelist Antoine de-Saint Exupery adds this thought, “I have no right, by anything I do or say, to demean a human being in his own eyes. What matters is not what I think of him {or her}; it is what he {or her} thinks of himself {or herself}. To undermine a man {or woman’s} self-respect is a sin.”LGBTQ Mental HealthConsider These Ideas for Showing Respect to the LGBTQ Community
  • Pull back the magnifying glass will help you see the bigger picture of respect’s real beauty, found when respect actually becomes mutual.
  • Use the LGBTQ’s proper gender pronouns, show repsect for how they choose to present themselves and help go into their world rather than having them continually come into yours. This generates a common ground that benefits both of you.
  • Be an ally in creating worldwide equality by helping break down barriers. Help others understand the peace and joy that comes to all of us when we each do our part to make room for everyone within our shared life journey.Help Your LGBTQ Loved One Seek Professional Mental Support as NeededAfter all the support you’ve shown, you find your loved one is still struggling, help them understand the amazing help available. A good therapist, like East West Therapy, knows the journey, because we’ve helped so many walk this way before. We listen and are there for you, in a safe environment, where all your thoughts, worries, highest highs and lowest lows will be explored and resolved.Contact East West Therapy Hawaii today, at (213) 880 8262, and let us help you with your personal life journey or discover ways to maintain your relationship with your loved ones, no matter what their particular life journey might be.

What is Spiritual Counseling and How Can it Help Me

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At East West Therapy, we often think of the fairly recent advancement of spiritual counseling being a part of the world of psychotherapy and wonder, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

If you so desire, your very own personal belief system can now be blended with your mental thoughts and emotions to create deeper understanding as part of your healing process. Where spirituality and psychotherapy were once thought of a two separate life realms, blending these two together has proven quite productive for those who chose to have their belief system incorporated into their counseling sessions.

Yoga Hawaii

How Spiritual Counseling Works

Possibly your spiritual past has hindered your personal life progress, or just the opposite: your spirituality is such an important part of your overall well-being that, in order to heal properly, this missing piece must be included. Because of this, your therapy experience feels safer, free of judgement or restraints and more meaningful, as this important aspect of your life is acknowledged, respected and used to your mental, emotional and spiritual advantage.

How Do You Define Spiritual

Spirituality is the opposite of “one-size-fits-all,” meaning, each person who chooses to have spirituality as part of their life will have their own individual definition of what this means to him, or her. Some of the most widely accepted definitions are:

  • a belief in a higher power
  • an awareness of the human spirit
  • an inner focus or belief that a soul is connected to a higher being
  • a search for that which is most sacred
  • While traditional psychotherapy is based on a scientific approach, spiritual counseling includes such spiritual focuses as faith, mediation, pondering, visualization, affirmations, spiritual dreamwork and more, depending on the psycho/spiritual journey each client prefers.

    What is a Spiritual Counselor

    A spiritual counselor is someone whose basic point of view is to direct people to their relationship with their spirit. Oftentime, problems are related to that lack of connection with one’s inner soul as this is connected to their higher belief system. At East West Therapy, great skill and experience exists to know the right questions to ask, the correct spiritual avenues to explore, so the inner soul can surface and be a vital factor in the whole therapy experience.

    Contact a Psychotherapist in Honolulu HI | (213) 880-8262 | East West Therapy Hawaii

    Can Only Religious People Receive Spiritual Counseling

    Anyone who desires can receive spiritual counseling. A person does not have to be religious to be spiritual. Religion is considered more of a “doing-thing,” while spirituality is more of a “being-thing.” Religion is outward, and includes such practices as worshipping, ritual observances and congregations. Spirituality is a state of being, soley individualized and a large part of who we are as we relate to our inner being.

    Is Spiritual Counseling Successful
    Yes, spiritual counseling is very successful as clients use their mind, body and spirit to achieve healing in their life. East West Therapy’s spiritual counseling goal is to help you achieve sufficient self-awareness, insight, confidence and strength to be able to navigate safely and successfully through each of your life’s challenges. When this happens, our clients are able to find more enjoyment in their life once again.

    Contact East West Therapy Hawaii at, 213.880.8262, and let us help you achieve the level of life enjoyment you desire through our specialized and successful spiritual counseling today.

Navigating the Stages of Grief

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The Stages of Grief; How Grief Counseling Can Help

Following the passing of a loved one, the pain from so much loss can make the grief process seem nearly impossible to endure. At East West Therapy Hawaii, we know that painful and sad feelings take time and effort to deal with, at a time when your mental energy feels unavailable.

Grief Counseling

Grief Hurts, Counseling Helps

Depending on the circumstances of your loss, past life experiences and expectations for your future can become complicated, if not paralyzing. The good news is, help is available and very effective.
Grief counseling aims to provide a safe, listening, and respectful place where the stages of grief can be examined within the context of the present, followed by establishing a new way forward as current realizations and attitudes are integrated into a whole new vision of oneself and one’s life.

Five Stages of Grief

As we all must go through grief, at one time or another, fortunately, to help manage the emotional devastation associated with loss, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler Ross defined grief’s most common stages:

Denial – This is an instinctive reaction as the mind goes into survival mode. Because of its instinctive nature, denial must be called off in order to deal with its effects.

Anger – it is often said that there is no such thing as anger, and that anger is a symptom of pain. Knowing your loved one is not coming back can feel so final, and painful, that this thought becomes overwhelming and frustrating to deal with. Sometimes closure is not complete or peripheral events happen that complicate the loved one’s passing, leaving feelings of anger. These thoughts and feelings can be resolved.

Bargaining – “I’ll give all my money to the poor if you can just save my loved one, bring him, or her, back, or make this pain go away,” are often the feelings when desperate feelings of loss erupt and try to resolve themselves. Counseling is available to help settle these feelings as well.

Depression – as the grief process continues and nothing seems to alleviate the pain of knowing your loved one is gone, depression settles in. This deeper level of grief can also be resolved with proper counseling

Acceptance – feelings start leveling out to make room for lifelong treasures of time with your loved ones.

Stages of Grief

Grief Counseling Help is Available

At East West Therapy Hawaii, our twenty years of experience in grief counseling has helped us gain the knowledge behind what path helps each individual must take to work through the grief process. Each path is different. Each path must be understood, and this can only happen in a safe environment, with a listening ear and lots of understanding of you and your individual journey.

Contact East West Therapy, today, at (213) 880 8262, and let us help you work through your loss, so you can find peace and comfort in this part of life’s journey.

The Benefits of Meditation in LGBTQ+ Counseling

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Why Meditation?

In this day and age, the LGBTQ+ community is facing a variety of issues and anxieties. Having these issues addressed in counseling is vital to one’s mental health stability. At East West Therapy, we teach specific meditation techniques to those who have experienced all kinds of negative, anxiety-producing occurrences, such as:


  • Fear of retribution – arising from those who seek to harbor anger and cause harm towards the LGBTQ+ community, this fear can cause very real stress.
  • Restrictions on parenting – many LGBTQ+ couples yearn to raise children and, in many states, they still cannot.
  • Employment discrimination – some employee environments still show hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community, which is a major cause of anxiety.
  • Conversion therapy – this therapy, aimed at reversing the forward movement of those seeking freedom within their particular LGBTQ+ preference, can create further confusion and anxiety.
  • Housing bias – issues continue within the housing market for many of the members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Public accommodations – as in gender-free bathrooms, these types of prejudicial practices further isolates members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Healthcare issues – restrictions for the LGBTQ+ community leads to depression and anxiety.
  • Acceptance – overall acceptance from loved ones and the community is another factor that must be managed.



What is Meditation?

As states, “meditation is to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect.” Another, an anonymous source quotes, “To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

At East West Therapy, we know that life sometimes generates unmanageable stress. We also know that mediation is the best way to calm the brain and open the heart. Because life is complicated, daily meditation is vital to maintaining one’s mental well-being.

How Meditation Works

Meditation allows our brain to move from a higher to a lower frequency. This process generates different centers in the brain, decreasing cells in the amygdala part of the brain. The amygdala oversees fear, anxiety and stress. By calming this area of the brain, new perceptions and feelings can be opened up.

Meditation Therapy

Benefits of Meditation Therapy

When it comes to mediation therapy, it is amazing how much a relaxed mind can heal so many issues we sometimes experience, allowing us to incorporate new personal tools into our lives, such as:


  • Increased emotional well-being – through relaxation techniques, the mind is able to open up an environment where releasing emotions is safe. This is where effective healing can take place.
  • More self-awareness – by relaxing the brain harbored thoughts are released in a safe enough, allowing new ideas and resolutions of peace to surface.
  • Longer attention span – by focusing on relaxing the reactive part of the brain, and using the focusing part of your brain, you are better able to focus on one subject at a time.
  • Help fighting addiction – studies have shown that meditation releases dopamine, which is the natural high many people seek through all types of prescription and street drugs.
  • Generating kindness – with relaxation comes the calming of oneself, which leads to desires to be more calm with others.
  • Enhanced spirituality – relaxing techniques also help with one’s idea of the universe, along with thoughts and beliefs about a connection to higher powers.
  • Increased clarity – clearing out the mind of stresses, opens up so many more avenues to other thoughts and feelings we have about our self and life, all in a safe environment.


We are here to serve the LGBTQ+ community and have had great success with our mediation program. If you are experiencing anxiety, contact East West Therapy today, and let us help you.

3 Tips for Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety is real and can throw your life off balance. In a world that is filled with so many daily stresses, the feelings of anxiety can feel discouraging and debilitating, if not managed correctly, as we do at East-West Therapy.

Anxiety Relief

Signs of Anxiety

Some of the most common signs of anxiety include:

  • racing heart
  • heart palpitations
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • upset stomach
  • feeling like you are going crazy
  • sleep problems
  • irrational fears
  • excessive worry

Tips for Relief

At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we see countless clients dealing with more and more anxiety because life continues to be more and more stressful. But there are answers. There are ways to manage your life so that when stress builds and anxiety is the result, proven ways are available to help you resolve this issue, and quickly.

1 – Anxiety is a misfiring of an important instinct – anxiety is actually a natural instinct that helps us in life when we must react to an alarming situation, like being hit by a train or having an intruder in the house. These are extremely alarming events that cause our bodies to react in an extreme way. Alarm is meant to let us know that something dangerous is near. Anxiety is actually a misfiring of this instinct, and when anxiety misfires, the effects are extremely alarming and incredibly overwhelming. One thing that is so important, is to remember that this feeling is natural and necessary for times when danger is near and that, right now, you are experiencing a misfiring. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with you, or your life, can help calm your troubled nerves and that these feelings will pass because no danger is present. This is simply a misfiring of a very useful instinct.

2 – Breathing – at times of anxiety, concentrating on your breathing can feel nearly impossible because you actually feel like you can’t breathe. But taking your mind away from the focus of whether you can or cannot breathe dissolves this fear. To do this, focus on your abdomen area and watch your abdomen rise and fall, slowly, with each breath you take. This is a relaxing exercise and forces your brain to away from the effects of alarm and into the area that manages relaxation.

3 – Meditating – taking time to relax, think and repeat relaxing words that generate calming feelings is very effective when it comes to reducing anxiety. As mentioned above, this method of relaxing helps your brain get out of the anxiety area and into a more calming and relaxing one.


How a Therapist Can Help

At East-West Therapy, our services include many successful resources for anxiety management, including teletherapy. Mental telepathy is known as the process of transferring thoughts from one person’s mind to another. As you begin to develop improved self-awareness, reinforce positive experiences and learn meditation, breathing, and self-soothing techniques, you will not only become more equipped to help yourself when anxiety heightens, but also better understand what your thoughts, triggers, feelings, and body sensations are telling you.

Contact East-West Therapy today and let us help you enjoy the life you deserve, free of the debilitating effects of anxiety.

What is Dream Work Therapy?

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One of the services that is popular at East-West Therapy is dreamwork therapy, a very effective tool for helping individuals understand themselves better and how their world works, creating more understanding, increased well-being and another resource for problem-solving.

What is Dream Work?

In the late 1800’s, Sigmund Freud presented dream therapy to the world. In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud introduced the idea that a method could be used to generate meaning from dreams in order to possibly understand a patient’s mental makeup. Dream therapy became quite popular throughout the 20th century until psychologists began to question its value. And then, in the latter part of the 20th century and the 21st century, alternative medicine used dream therapy as a way of treating patients, which led to its comeback.

As one of our services, dreamwork is the practice of noticing, remembering and recording dreams. Once this practice takes place, dreams begin to deliver up messages and guidance that may be needed at a particular time in one’s life. Dreams can also generate certain information regarding one’s feelings towards events, relationships and more. Profound images and figures can also connect us “with our guides,” meaning dreams can sometimes be referred to as the messenger of the gods. As Carl June, the father of analytical psychology, used to say, dreams are “the royal road to the unconscious.”

Heal from Dream Work

Reflecting Jung’s philosophies, Jungian Methodology believes that:


  • dreams are symbolic self-portraits of the actual psychological state of the unconscious.
  • dreams can help contribute to solving problems in our waking life.
  • dreams point out specific aspects of our self that we might not see in our conscious life.
  • dreams point out the underlying reasons why we do the things we do.
  • dreams can give meaning to our waking life.


How Does it Work?

Psychologists who work with dreamwork, us this method to help patients problem solve, understand self, improve-self worth and for helping create well-being.

Dreamwork happens when dreams are incorporated into therapy. With dreamwork, the therapist does not analyze or interpret the dream. Instead, the therapist guides the patient through his, or her, dream while helping him, or her, discover the meaning. As each person does so, waking thoughts and concerns begin to formulate a message or meaning of the dream. During the session, the therapist may ask questions, but only for the purpose of obtaining as much information as possible.

We are fortunate to have so many resources available to be able to effectively help those who desire to life a fuller, more rewarding, life.

Contact East-West Therapy today, and let us help you get started understanding yourself, your life and what you can do to have the life you hope for and dream about.

Is Online Therapy As Effective as In-Person Treatment?

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Is Online Therapy As Effective as In-Person Treatment?

Who Needs Therapy
At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we believe a problem isn’t a problem until it complicates your life. This means that, in life, we face problems every day, but, every once in awhile an issue, or event, arises that is so problematic that it gets in the way of the life we’ve enjoyed living or would like to enjoy living. Fortunately, help is available, and in many different forms, one of which is online therapy, also known as teletherapy.

Online Therapy and In-Person Therapy
Teletherapy, otherwise known as telepsychology, e-therapy or e-counseling, has been in existence for over 20 years and is fast becoming the resource of choice as more and more telepsychology services abound. These services successfully help those who discover this type of therapy is profoundly efficient, effective, readily available and affordable.

From the early 1800’s, when the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmond Freud, offered mental assistance to those in need, countless people have benefited from therapeutic counseling in a traditional office setting. However, as life has progressed into more complicated living with more complicated issues and less time available for help, teletherapy has become one of the best resources around.

Benefits of In-Person Meetings
All things considered there are benefits to both in-office counseling and teletherapy. For the in-office experience, benefits include:

  • the ability to meet in a physical location where the clients feels safe from the issues of daily life
  • feeling a stronger commitment to one’s mental health by driving to a dedicated mental health location
  • the ability to deal with severe issues in a more effective way
  • the ability to offer such services as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), play therapy, music therapy and more

Benefits of Teletherapy
There are many reasons why teletherapy works so well, including having:

  • help as easy as dialing your phone
  • session that begin the minute you dial the number
  • the ability to help you anytime, anywhere
  • the ability to help those hesitant to seek in-office therapy
  • the cost oftentimes less because of no overhead

Deciphering What is Right for You
At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we know choosing the best teletherapist is first and foremost, which is why we also know that a teletherapist must be someone who:
provides therapy in a way that works best for you
helps you feel comfortable enough to trust him, or her, with your most delicate thoughts and feelings.
seeks to understand you and then help you discover what you are feeling and why
helps you resolve your specific issues in a way that feels right for you

At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we are passionate about the work we do. We know life is busy and we know issues can be huge, which is why we choose to be available for you anytime, anywhere.

We invite you to contact East-West Therapy Hawaii for a free consultation where we can show you how much we believe in what we do and the help we can offer you today.

How Exercise Can Help with Depression

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How Exercise Can Help with Depression

Do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine? Doctors and researchers are unanimous in observing that exercising can be very beneficial to your health, so give it a try next time you’re feeling persistently blue! Read on to learn about how exercising on a regular basis can ease those symptoms of depression.

Exercise Eases Symptoms

Exercising can be very beneficial to your mental health since it has been known to interrupt the depressive mental spiral in most individuals who suffer from it. Exercising can also help people who suffer from depression since it can take your mind off your problems when you are focusing on activities like kayaking or hiking through the woods. These types of physical activities can help with depression by keeping your mind busy. Hiking and kayaking are perfect exercises that make you take more notice of your environment and keep your body in shape when you are climbing a mountain or rowing a boat. Even a simple walk around your neighborhood can help you enjoy the simple beauty of nature and help calm nerves and stress levels.

Release of Endorphins.

How exactly does exercising help with your depression? When you do high-intensity exercises like running, you can release endorphins that can help with the depression you’ve been feeling. This means you will feel better since endorphins are a natural chemical that’s similar to the effects of cannabis. The release of these endorphins will make you feel less depressed and also help with any anxiety you might have from other challenges in your life. This is why we all hear the phrase “a runner’s high,” because a runner can release those endorphins after a run and it makes them feel excellent afterward.

How Do I get started?

You might be wondering: how do I start exercising enough to reduce those depression symptoms? Well, it’s actually not that hard since exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week is all it takes for some people to see some results in their mood. Of course, even if you do 10-15 minutes of some kind of physical activity, it can be beneficial. As long as you are active to some degree such as riding your bike down the block, doing some yoga, swimming in the local pool, or taking up gardening. However, having a partner come with you to the local yoga studio or be by your side can help you stay with it. Either way, these types of exercises can make a significant impact on your mental state as well as help with other health problems that could come your way in the future such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you decide your depression is getting too out of hand or want a professional therapist to talk out your problems, call East-West Therapy Hawaii today! Dr. Conti can help you get through your depression and give you a safe and confidential environment to share your life story. Take advantage of Dr. Conti’s expertise as a therapist and teletherapy specialis: call us today to schedule an appointment or have a free 15-minute phone consultation!

Alienate Anxiety with Spiritual Coaching

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What Causes Anxiety

Anxiety can be something you’ve had all your life, it can develop slowly over time, or become something that is referred from other stress in your life spilling over. Little things like taking caffeine, skipping meals, financial woes, and any negative thinking will cause an anxiety attack. It comes down to fear, and fear can develop from anything, at any time. There are even medical conditions that can cause anxiety disorders, like issues with your thyroid, recreational drug use, or rare tumors that mimic the “flight or fight” hormones. We at East-West Therapy Hawaii can provide spiritual coaching, a teletherapy technique that helps calm you and develop a way to prevent it from affecting you.

Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself into a variety of symptoms. Sometimes they are physical, like weakness, nausea, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations. They are usually linked to debilitating thoughts that go round and round. The effects of anxiety can be detrimental over time. It makes your love of life dull over time. Anxiety can become a chronic issue, where you won’t want to leave your house. Reach us at East-West Therapy Hawaii before it gets that far. And if you are at that point and need help, our certified therapists are here to provide teletherapy services and create a customized plan to get you the help you need.

Anxiety left unchecked will cause panic attacks. These can be very small spasms, to full muscle spasms. Anxiety can happen during things like public speaking, stress, personal triggers, and financial concerns. An anxiety attack in a public space can add stress just from that factor alone.

How Spiritual Coaching Help with Anxiety

Spiritual Coaching is a great way to understand and release your everyday anxieties and pressure. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, spiritual coaching is great for people of all religious attitudes. Sometimes anxiety can stem from a spiritual crisis. Sometimes little issues over life have a domino effect, and all of a sudden you won’t know where your life went wrong. East- West Therapy Hawaii is a no-judgment-zone. Our certified therapists provide a space for you to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment for spiritual coaching in Honolulu, HI..Give us a call to find out who you are, and how that will help ease your anxiety.

What Is Teletherapy?

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We at East-West Therapy Hawaii are here to serve and nurture you and your unique needs. We provide the best telepathy services and know how to provide excellent care around your busy schedule. Residents of Honolulu should schedule a 15-minute free consultation with us at East-West Therapy Hawaii for a new supportive and safe space.


What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy with us at East-West Therapy Hawaii is off-site therapy with visual and verbal videos or verbal phone calls. Teletherapy provides the ability to receive service from a licensed, caring therapist, without impeding on your schedule. The sessions are entirely based on what you want to discuss and change in your life. It is our job to make sure you achieve your full potential in all your endeavors. We at East-West Therapy Hawaii help overcome the unique obstacles that block you from getting the services you deserve. Schedule a call with us today so we can get you on the road to a new, healing perspective.


How to Choose a Teletherapist

The best way to choose a teletherapist is to see if you agree with their method of therapy. Dr. Conti at East-West Therapy Hawaii use the Jungian method to support your personal development. We provide a trustworthy, positive relationship so you get the full benefit of our services. This study of therapy is perfect for teletherapist services because we can be reached whenever you need help finding stability, wherever you are. Read on to determine if East-West Therapy Hawaii is best for you.


What is Best for Me?

East-West Therapy Hawaii makes it easy to fit the best teletherapy services into your busy schedule. Call us today for a free consultation to decide how we can help you be the best person you can be. East-West Therapy Hawaii wants to be your safe space for new beginnings.

Teletherapy is best if you:

– Live in a rural area and cannot drive the long way to an office.

– Your anxiety does not allow you to be able to see a therapist in person.

– You are in the Military and would like to discuss the anxiety that comes with being in an unfamiliar town.

– Your busy schedule either from home activities, or business travel, does not allow you to fit a longer session in.

If any of the above fit you, or if you feel like you need someone to talk to about mental services, give us a call at East-West Therapy Hawaii. We’re here to help you live your best life.