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3 Tips for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is real and can throw your life off balance. In a world that is filled with so many daily stresses, the feelings of anxiety can feel discouraging and debilitating, if not managed correctly, as we do at East-West Therapy.

Anxiety Relief

Signs of Anxiety

Some of the most common signs of anxiety include:

  • racing heart
  • heart palpitations
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • upset stomach
  • feeling like you are going crazy
  • sleep problems
  • irrational fears
  • excessive worry

Tips for Relief

At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we see countless clients dealing with more and more anxiety because life continues to be more and more stressful. But there are answers. There are ways to manage your life so that when stress builds and anxiety is the result, proven ways are available to help you resolve this issue, and quickly.

1 – Anxiety is a misfiring of an important instinct – anxiety is actually a natural instinct that helps us in life when we must react to an alarming situation, like being hit by a train or having an intruder in the house. These are extremely alarming events that cause our bodies to react in an extreme way. Alarm is meant to let us know that something dangerous is near. Anxiety is actually a misfiring of this instinct, and when anxiety misfires, the effects are extremely alarming and incredibly overwhelming. One thing that is so important, is to remember that this feeling is natural and necessary for times when danger is near and that, right now, you are experiencing a misfiring. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with you, or your life, can help calm your troubled nerves and that these feelings will pass because no danger is present. This is simply a misfiring of a very useful instinct.

2 – Breathing – at times of anxiety, concentrating on your breathing can feel nearly impossible because you actually feel like you can’t breathe. But taking your mind away from the focus of whether you can or cannot breathe dissolves this fear. To do this, focus on your abdomen area and watch your abdomen rise and fall, slowly, with each breath you take. This is a relaxing exercise and forces your brain to away from the effects of alarm and into the area that manages relaxation.

3 – Meditating – taking time to relax, think and repeat relaxing words that generate calming feelings is very effective when it comes to reducing anxiety. As mentioned above, this method of relaxing helps your brain get out of the anxiety area and into a more calming and relaxing one.


How a Therapist Can Help

At East-West Therapy, our services include many successful resources for anxiety management, including teletherapy. Mental telepathy is known as the process of transferring thoughts from one person’s mind to another. As you begin to develop improved self-awareness, reinforce positive experiences and learn meditation, breathing, and self-soothing techniques, you will not only become more equipped to help yourself when anxiety heightens, but also better understand what your thoughts, triggers, feelings, and body sensations are telling you.

Contact East-West Therapy today and let us help you enjoy the life you deserve, free of the debilitating effects of anxiety.