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What is Spiritual Counseling and How Can it Help Me

At East West Therapy, we often think of the fairly recent advancement of spiritual counseling being a part of the world of psychotherapy and wonder, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

If you so desire, your very own personal belief system can now be blended with your mental thoughts and emotions to create deeper understanding as part of your healing process. Where spirituality and psychotherapy were once thought of a two separate life realms, blending these two together has proven quite productive for those who chose to have their belief system incorporated into their counseling sessions.

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How Spiritual Counseling Works

Possibly your spiritual past has hindered your personal life progress, or just the opposite: your spirituality is such an important part of your overall well-being that, in order to heal properly, this missing piece must be included. Because of this, your therapy experience feels safer, free of judgement or restraints and more meaningful, as this important aspect of your life is acknowledged, respected and used to your mental, emotional and spiritual advantage.

How Do You Define Spiritual

Spirituality is the opposite of “one-size-fits-all,” meaning, each person who chooses to have spirituality as part of their life will have their own individual definition of what this means to him, or her. Some of the most widely accepted definitions are:

  • a belief in a higher power
  • an awareness of the human spirit
  • an inner focus or belief that a soul is connected to a higher being
  • a search for that which is most sacred
  • While traditional psychotherapy is based on a scientific approach, spiritual counseling includes such spiritual focuses as faith, mediation, pondering, visualization, affirmations, spiritual dreamwork and more, depending on the psycho/spiritual journey each client prefers.

    What is a Spiritual Counselor

    A spiritual counselor is someone whose basic point of view is to direct people to their relationship with their spirit. Oftentime, problems are related to that lack of connection with one’s inner soul as this is connected to their higher belief system. At East West Therapy, great skill and experience exists to know the right questions to ask, the correct spiritual avenues to explore, so the inner soul can surface and be a vital factor in the whole therapy experience.

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    Can Only Religious People Receive Spiritual Counseling

    Anyone who desires can receive spiritual counseling. A person does not have to be religious to be spiritual. Religion is considered more of a “doing-thing,” while spirituality is more of a “being-thing.” Religion is outward, and includes such practices as worshipping, ritual observances and congregations. Spirituality is a state of being, soley individualized and a large part of who we are as we relate to our inner being.

    Is Spiritual Counseling Successful
    Yes, spiritual counseling is very successful as clients use their mind, body and spirit to achieve healing in their life. East West Therapy’s spiritual counseling goal is to help you achieve sufficient self-awareness, insight, confidence and strength to be able to navigate safely and successfully through each of your life’s challenges. When this happens, our clients are able to find more enjoyment in their life once again.

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