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How to Improve Communication with Effective Listening Skills

The health of any relationship relies heavily on how the individuals communicate with one another. Whether it’s a married couple or a family, effective listening is essential to strengthening the relationship as a whole. At East West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, Dr. William Conti, PhD, teaches clients how to alter a relationship’s communication style and, thus, affect the health of a relationship in a meaningful and positive way.

To get you started, here are 4 steps that will aid you in learning how to improve communication with effective listening skills.

  1. Give the other person a chance to speak. As much as you feel it’s necessary for you to speak, it is the same for the other person, so avoid monopolizing the conversation.
  2. Do not interrupt. If you are truly listening to what the other person has to say, then you are paying attention versus forcefully taking your turn to speak.
  3. Shut off your inner-dialogue. Instead of thinking about what you want to say, focus on what is being said by the other person and maintain a comfortable level of eye contact.
  4. Mirror the other person in both behavior and emotion. If two individuals are “in sync,” they will frequently and unknowingly match their sitting or standing position to one another. To practice effective listening skills, you should mirror the other person’s posture and emotional state. For example, if someone is telling you about a distressing situation, you should mirror their distress to establish a rapport.   
  5. Repeat back the key points of what you’ve heard the other person say. This is called active listening. It will help to clarify what has been said for the benefit of both you and the other person.

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Learning how to improve your communication style can take a great of practice. However, a highly experienced counselor, like Dr. William Conti, PhD, of East West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu can provide you with valuable advice on how to adjust your approach to effective listening and, consequently, improve the quality of your relationships through couples therapy, and one on one therapy. Schedule a consultation with East West Therapy Hawaii today by calling (213) 880-8262!