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Why Teletherapy Is the Best Option for Counseling in 2018

How Can Teletherapy Benefit You?

We know not everyone can get to their therapy appointments. Whether it’s thickly-settled communities with traffic problems, conflicting schedules with work, or anything in between, life ends up getting in the way. Therapy is an important part of your life—managing your emotions should be the same as getting a good night sleep. We aim to make that happen.

Always Out of Time?

You sit down at the end of the day, emotionally exhausted, physically drained, and you wonder where all the time went. If you can’t get to an office, scheduling a teletherapy call is the next best thing. With real counselors on the line, you’re still getting the same experience as if you were in a physical location, all at your leisure. Scheduling your appointment can be done from your phone, and so can you sessions. The convenience is invaluable.

Simplistic Confidentiality

Everything between you and your counselor is 100% private, as you would expect at any un-office appointment, but we know that getting used to a new counselor can be a bit of a trial. When you take away the face to face interaction, the nervousness and anxiety of entrusting someone new goes with it. It’s easier to connect over the phone.

Effective Treatment Without The Hassle

Studies have shown that teletherapy conversations can offer the exact same benefits of in-office sessions, all on your time, and at your convenience. When you go to an in-office appointment, the only difference during your session is the physical ability to see your therapist in front of you. Think about this: in-office visits subject you to vocal responses, and a physical requirement to be in the same room as your therapist. When you take away the office, it’s all about engaging in conversation. Being able to do that over the phone yields the same results.

A Tool Against Depression

Sometimes, depression’s tendrils try to keep you down and deter you from leaving the house, or engaging in social activities. When you use teletherapy means, you can be there for your appointment without having to be there for your appointment. It can be a great tool to bring yourself out of a funk, and get the ball rolling again.

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