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How Therapy Can Help Make it Easier Coming Out to Family & Friends

What Does Coming Out Mean?

“Coming out of the closet,” or sometimes simply “coming out,” is a term used for the process that LGBT individuals go through to accept their orientation or identity and share it with the rest of the world, especially the people closest to them. It can be a difficult and anxiety-ridden process for many of these individuals. It’s a personal choice to come out, but having a solid support network can help.

Finding Help When Coming Out

An important part of a support network during the process of coming out is a therapist who will be both empathetic and objective. They should be familiar with issues that are common to the LGBT community, including the difficulties associated with coming out.


Interested in Talking to a Therapist?

LGBT Teletherapy Counseling

Teletherapy is the name for mental health services conducted by electronic means. This could be through video sessions, like Skype calls, or verbal communication over the phone, email, messaging, or other mediums. Many patients can benefit from teletherapy, such as those who travel frequently, have very busy schedules, or deal with anxiety that keeps them inside their home. It can be especially helpful for LGBT individuals who wish to keep their sessions private and confidential.

Don’t Do It Alone – Seek Help From an Experienced Professional

An experienced therapist can help make coming out easier for LGBT individuals. East-West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers one-on-one counseling and support groups. They also offer teletherapy and online therapy for those too busy or anxious to meet in person. The center’s primary therapist, Dr. William Conti, is experienced in individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Contact East-West Therapy Hawaii today to find out how they can help you!