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Alienate Anxiety with Spiritual Coaching

What Causes Anxiety

Anxiety can be something you’ve had all your life, it can develop slowly over time, or become something that is referred from other stress in your life spilling over. Little things like taking caffeine, skipping meals, financial woes, and any negative thinking will cause an anxiety attack. It comes down to fear, and fear can develop from anything, at any time. There are even medical conditions that can cause anxiety disorders, like issues with your thyroid, recreational drug use, or rare tumors that mimic the “flight or fight” hormones. We at East-West Therapy Hawaii can provide spiritual coaching, a teletherapy technique that helps calm you and develop a way to prevent it from affecting you.

Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself into a variety of symptoms. Sometimes they are physical, like weakness, nausea, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations. They are usually linked to debilitating thoughts that go round and round. The effects of anxiety can be detrimental over time. It makes your love of life dull over time. Anxiety can become a chronic issue, where you won’t want to leave your house. Reach us at East-West Therapy Hawaii before it gets that far. And if you are at that point and need help, our certified therapists are here to provide teletherapy services and create a customized plan to get you the help you need.

Anxiety left unchecked will cause panic attacks. These can be very small spasms, to full muscle spasms. Anxiety can happen during things like public speaking, stress, personal triggers, and financial concerns. An anxiety attack in a public space can add stress just from that factor alone.

How Spiritual Coaching Help with Anxiety

Spiritual Coaching is a great way to understand and release your everyday anxieties and pressure. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, spiritual coaching is great for people of all religious attitudes. Sometimes anxiety can stem from a spiritual crisis. Sometimes little issues over life have a domino effect, and all of a sudden you won’t know where your life went wrong. East- West Therapy Hawaii is a no-judgment-zone. Our certified therapists provide a space for you to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment for spiritual coaching in Honolulu, HI..Give us a call to find out who you are, and how that will help ease your anxiety.