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How Meditation Changes The Brain And The Body


Meditation changes the brain and the body

We all need to decrease our stress and increase our attention and focus. As many mental health services and counselors recommend, we need to take some time to focus on meditation. Why? What is it about meditation that is so good for us.

Meditation is actually based in science. Although your spiritual counselor may recommend meditation, it’s more than just about making you feel good.

Meditation influences the different types of brain waves that you have – aiming to take your brain waves to a theta or delta state. While most of us won’t reach the delta state, we can aim for the theta state. This is where our mind stops problem solving and planning and we are able to increase our awareness through visualization.  Completed either alone or in a group, this mindfulness meditation allows you to train your thoughts.

After you have managed to train your thoughts, you become more self-aware and in control of your body. This can be helpful for those recovering from addictive behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse. This determined and designated time to focus on the self leaves little that is NOT explored. This helps change your behavior and rewrite your thinking to help you make better decisions.

There are so many benefits to the body for meditation. Meditation lowers blood pressure, and decreases metabolism. It helps improve heart rate, as well as breathing. The entire body relaxes. It’s also been found to have a positive effect on anxiety and other related disorders.

While there are many different locations that provide help with spiritual counseling or meditation in the Honolulu, Wakiki Hawaii area, meditation can be conducted any time or anywhere that you can find a quiet spot.

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