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Effective Goal Setting Could Help With Depression

Depression, true clinical depression, is a horrific burden to bear. Struggling with depression can manifest in many way, and be made worse by many things. One of the more common problems a person fighting depression encounters is feeling as if they cannot accomplish anything.

A highly-depressed person is not going to wake up in the morning, throw open the windows, and yell out “I can do anything!” In fact, the person may slowly wake up, look over at the clock, and think I can’t even get out of this bed. Most people lie between these extremes.

When taking a whole life approach to fighting depression one effective piece is accomplishing goals. There is danger here though. While someone is in a highly depressive state it is easy for them to feel as if they can do nothing. Setting a lofty, long-term goal at this point is not going to help. At this point, what a person needs is goal setting focused on the situation they are currently in. The main objectives in effectively setting these goals are to provide short term wins, and to provide focus and direction.

Failing to achieve a goal while in the throes of depression isn’t going to help anybody. Effective goals are smaller and can be accomplished over a short time frame. Think of each goal as a snowball on top of a mountain. Accomplishing each goal provides a little momentum. As the finished goals pile up the sense of accomplishment builds. This sense of accomplishment and feeling of momentum carries right over into recovering from depression.

Feelings of overwhelm are common for a person suffering from depression. Goals can provide focus for that person. Taken as a whole, everything a person may want to get done over the next 30 days is going to create a greater sense of overwhelm. Narrowing it down to one task at a time provides focus, and a path out of depression.

Depression doesn’t have to be debilitating. If you live in, or are traveling to, the Waikiki, Honolulu, or Oahu areas of Hawaii then contact East West Therapy for help with your depression treatment. We focus on natural methodologies, proven over the ages to help treat depression. We can help you deal with an immediate need or create a long-term plan for overcoming depression during your travels and beyond.