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Does Your Spouse Have Depression & What to Do

Seeing a loved one in pain is hard. It can be especially hard if there seems to be nothing you can do to help them. Often when a person is afflicted with true clinical depression there is nothing they can identify as the problem, resulting in nothing their loved ones can do to help them. This can get especially bad between spouses, and may start a couple down the path of divorce if left untreated. Depression Counseling can help. Read on to learn more. 


When helping your spouse with depression it’s important to be ready yourself. Without preparing to help them, you could easily start to develop some of the same symptoms as them. Allow people close to you to help you through this difficult time in your life.


Reach out to your spouse, acknowledging they have a medical condition. It’s important not to blame them, or tell them they need mental help. Emphasis the condition is medical and that you are there to help them however they need it. Validate their feelings and guide them to the proper professional to help them through this time in their life.


The most important thing is to go through this together. Be there for your spouse as part of the solution. Don’t send them off for help, or treat them as part of the problem. The statistics are on your side, depression treatment has a very high success rate.


Once symptoms are clearing up be sure to keep an eye out for them to return. Depression has a very high relapse rate. Every time it comes back it needs to be treated just the same, as a medical issue that you work together on as a couple.


Throughout all of this work with a professional. Don’t try to deal with these things alone. They will guide you both through the choices you have, equipping you with tools that can help along the way.

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