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Why Are Couples Worried About Therapy Not Being Effective?

It’s no secret: romantic relationships are extremely complicated. If you and your partner have been experiencing a rough patch in your relationship, one of you may be considering visiting a couples counselor.

Working with a therapist can be a very useful tool to help strengthen your relationship. But why are couples worried about therapy not being effective? Here are some common questions about couples counseling and their answers.

  • Will couples counseling really help? Absolutely. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conducted research that reveals that over 97% of family and marriage counseling patients responded the counseling had provided them with what they needed. Patients also shared that their work productivity and even their overall physical health had improved after attending counseling.
  • What if it takes too much of our time? Shouldn’t I just go to therapy on my own? Actually, couples counseling has been found to be far more efficient in achieving goals than individual therapy sessions. The old saying about two heads being better than one still rings true. By hearing multiple perspectives from invested parties, goals are reached in a shorter amount of time. Fewer visits means less strain on your wallet as well.
  • What if we’ve waited too long for therapy to be effective? If both partners are willing to see a couples counselor, that means there’s still hope for your relationship. It’s true that the sooner you enter into couples counseling, the better. But seeing a therapist at any stage in your relationship will increase the chances of positive change and healthy communication on the part of both partners.
  • What if couples counseling leads to divorce? It’s challenging to admit that you and your partner need help with your relationship. However, the sooner you start couples counseling, the more likely your marriage will become stronger instead of ending in divorce. By working with a therapist, the odds will be in your favor for saving the marriage.

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